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Joans special fizzy apple juice - ready for next year!!

Ok folks maybe this should go in the tipplers part but my mum (Joan) would never believe me that it was alcholic although imo it should be!
where else could the fizz come from!!

This is really easy to make especially if you have a kenwood with a mincer attachment on it.  Mum was making it by the bucket load from a tree i gave her years ago that although was only dwarf gave too many apples for her to use or fit in her freezer. It doesnt matter whether you use cookers or desert apples it alls tastes great.  I wont be making it any more but thought someone on here might like the recipe.

I drank it ever since i can remember until last feb when me and OH went T total and I am not convinced that there isnt a trace of abv in there somewhere!  Im not saying it made me the cider head I am, however it does make you wonder.  However mum and her friend would sit down over sunday lunch and drink a bottle and not slur afterwards!!

3lb apples - grated or minced
12 pints cold water
into bucket and leave to soak for a week, covered, stir once a day
strain off liquid and dispose of pulp.
add grated rine and juice of 2 large lemons and 2lb of sugar

stir over 24hrs to dissolve sugar

Drain into bottles (glass screw top wine bottles work well) This is then ready to drink after 10 days, but gets better as time goes on!

Ahhh! capturing, nurturing and brewing with naturally occurring yeasts ...... my favourite method of home-brewing.


This is exactly what i told my mum!! She wouldnt have it!  would love to have tested the abv on it just out of interest but never got around to it!  makes me laugh that she prefered it after a couple of months! she was a non drinker apparently!!!

I made an excellent very moreish dry Ginger wine using this method last year.

It is also how I brew my elderflower champagne "Bucks fizz" and root beers. 2 years ago I began a starter for my Meads by bobbing freshly picked crab apples in a solution of water and honey. This starter has now been nurtured and is fed weekly by me, and has been the basis for all the Mead's I have brewed since .... I got lucky finding a very good naturally occurring yeast.

I'll be giving that one a go Mel

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