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I've had to have my gorgeous Jessie put to sleep today as she has kidney failure.  It's one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life.
Just could not stand the thought of her getting any worse.  Rest in peace in doggy heaven my faith full companion        

So very sorry to hear this - the hardest decision for you but you put Jessie first and let her go peacefully.  Run free at the Bridge Jessie!

Such sad news  
Run fast and free with the sun on your back at Rainbow Bridge, Jessie
Safe and loved until the end xxx

So, so sorry, Scottie. ((((Big Hug))))

So, so sorry, Scottie. ((((Big Hug))))

So sorry Scottie, thoughts are with you and Jessie,,,,,runs free, you did the right thing for Her

Sorry mate, the right thing is often the hardest thing to do.

Well done it is the right thing but hard to do  

from us and our  

Aww, sorry to hear of this.  
Dave C

So sorry for you.

So sorry to heat your news - you did the right thing for her

So sorry to hear this, sleep well Jessie sweet girl.
Grandma Bodger

so sorry to hear your sad news Scottie its heart breaking you did the right thing bless you and Jessie

Just seen this Scottie - so, so sorry. They leave such a huge gap in our lives don't they?  

your not kidding.  My grandson keeps asking where she has gone and I tell him that his mummy is looking after her in heaven     (lost my DIL last year thru cancer, only 27  

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