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Jes Knife.

 Just got my snipe rabbiting knife from jes knives, great quality and superb craftsmanship. the handles are Turkish black walnut. Would highly recommend if the wife/ partner asks what you want for christmas. Archie.

 Thats a beaut' mate, just had a look at their website, real nice stuff.

One for the Pot

Be interesting to see how you get on with that blade Archie, it looks nice.

I use "Opinel 12" had it for a good few years now, gutted and skinned many rabbits and other game and still keeping a razor sharpe edge.

I put it over a flint now and then, and a splash of oil on the blade.

ive got a jes knife superb quality and you get a warranty and guidance on how to take care of the blade   Degsy

Some very nice work there, and I like the idea of his selling them as working knives, not trophies or ornaments.

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