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Bulworthy Project

Jersey Giant X Old English Pheasant Fowl

Thought that we'd post a picture of our cockerel before he goes in the pot.  He's a handsome beast, but we don't want him breeding with his sisters and we've got some Indian Game cockerels to add some new blood.

He's a bit of a porker.
marlin vs

I'd like to see a picture when he's dressed for the pot and know what weight it'll be.
Dave C

I had a few jg they freaked me out how they sat next to the feeder eating all day, they never made it to dressing weight, I couldn't stand any more, ha.

Agree, I would like to see them dressed and at what weight?

i've got one of the same in a batch of eggs that the guys from bulworthy gave me i'll make sure i weigh him when he goes wont be long looking at him!
Bulworthy Project

We didn't see the comments in time.  We therefore didn't take photos or weigh him when he was dressed.

He certainly wasn't as large as his dad who was 3kg dressed weight.

absolutely love the JG so if anyone has eggsfor hatching or young stock leg me know x

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