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Jams, preserves and pickles.


My wife makes homemade jams, preserves and pickles, which she sells from the front door along with our chicken eggs. We were wondering what laws etc. there are involved in selling these, we would like to, say, sell at food fairs etc. but it can be a mine field with environmental health.

Anyone one know?



I'll be following this thread with interest as I've been going mad with marmalade making over the last few weeks and I have a few other ideas too  

I looked into this last year and got all the leaflets from our local council. It didn't seem too arduous, in fact, and Mole Valley council seemed to want to encourage it rather than put obstacles in the way.  If you call your local environmental health department they should send you similar bumph.  

I wasn't really put off, just never got around to it, but I do recall wondering where I would feed the cats as that was a point that was raised!

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