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Jamie's Italian

in Birmingham.

A group of us got together for a celebratory meal on Tuesday lunchtime at Jamie's Italian restaurant.

We got there at 12 midday and although the place is HUGE it was absolutely packed for the three and a half hours we were there. Not just business lunches but families with young kids too. Brummies must be more wealthy than I remember  

Decor is sort of industrial shabby chic, and open plan - I thought I'd wandered into the kitchen by mistake on my trek to the loo.

The only 2 who were disappointed with their meal were the ones who ordered lasagne (not much of it and a little dry). I had baked salmon with whipped ricotta and lemon - delicious - must have a try at doing that at home. 2 others had steak which they both enjoyed and another had a double decker beefburger skewered like a kebab with artisan bread and parsnip chips.

We thought the 'shabby chic-ness' had gone a little far when one of us had a pudding served in a really bashed up and chipped enamel bowl. The recipient joked to the waitress that she'd thought of taking it home for the dog to eat from - and received the reply 'you should've'!! (perhaps I should've pocketted 'Jamies' linen napkin too then   )

I'd go there again (but avoid the lasagne) - around 5 per starter and pudding and 12 per main course.

Sounds really good.

Great sounding place and food

sounds ok

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