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Jaguar rat and mouse poison?

Have any of our pest control operatives had any experience with Jaguar rat and mouse poison in wax block form?
I'll tell you why I ask. I recently bought a 4 kg tub and have been using it to treat a house mouse infestation in our barn and chicken sheds.

I've put plenty of bait down and its never run out, I've been consistently getting good takes of it. The poison has been down for five days now and its still being taken pretty heavily. The thing that I'm not too happy about, is the fact that I'm still seeing live mice exiting the bait boxes.

The poison used in these blocks is Brodifacoum and its described as being a single dose poison. Now I know how anticoagulent poisons work and that it takes a few days to do the business, so I took my concerns to the manufacturer who told me that it could take up to 28 days for this particular product to work fully. I certainly think that they were giving themselves a lot of leaway, so as I said innitially, has anyone got any experience of using this product?
To make things worse, for the last week, we've had some field mice playing football in the loft space above our bedroom and once again, after five days of eating the poison, we had what sounded like a penalty shoot out going on up there at around 4.00am this morning.
The stuff that I've been using previously to this Jaguar bait, has always worked pretty promptly.
chicken feed

tried it a few years back was not impressed so went back to our usual brands.

Bodger i cant understand WHY you would use poison in your   loft ? ( esp this time of year when it heats up up there ) .

Breakback traps are the best for anything like that inside your house ( which you can check on a daily basis ? )

Never used Jaguar, seen a 4kg tub at our Countrywide £59.99       Says Single feed on the tub, how can it  take 28 days  if its a single feed ????? dosage ??????

With you living /working on the infested grounds /property , I would use traps every time.  

It had got beyond trapping Bry. Not in the loft but in and around the farm. There's been dozens and dozens of them.

What I refer to as the loft, isn't one that you can get into, its more of a void, so I've always kept a bit of poison in there to feed to the occasional visitor.
We've never had a problem with stinky dead ones, because we've always kept the hatch well shut.
matt the rat

Jaguar is also known as Solo in the trade.  It's made by Bell, and supplied to Antec to be sold as Jaguar.

As a single feed product containing Brodifacoum, it's use is limited to indoors only.  For the purposes of the law, indoors is defined as 'predominantly living and feeding behind closed doors'.  It's use in should only be considered after other, less toxic products have been shown to be unsuitable.

Rats, and mice consume a lethal dose in one feed; having said that, it still takes 4 to 7 days for them to die once a lethal dose has been consumed.

There is no known resistance to Brodifacoum in the UK.

The cereal block formulation is the same as other similar products like Contrac (AKA Tomcat), although the active ingredient is different.  If you can get rodents to eat it, it will be killing them without a doubt.  The most common cause for suspected treatment failure is underestimation of the target population - and reinfestation due to proofing issues remaining.
matt the rat

bodger wrote:

What I refer to as the loft, isn't one that you can get into, its more of a void, so I've always kept a bit of poison in there to feed to the occasional visitor.
We've never had a problem with stinky dead ones, because we've always kept the hatch well shut.

Keeping rodenticide down to feed the occasional visitor is no longer legal.

Label conditions are changing to reflect this fact, but in essence, you should only be applying a pesticide in response to a known pest problem, and only until that problem is solved, at which point the bait should be removed.

Permanent baits are killing woodmice and other prey species and passing toxins further up the food chain into raptor species.

There is plenty of evidence of this which is why labels are changing and the baiting of rodents is becoming more and more regulated.

Im with Matt

Husband wont use jaguar as it is such a potent poison. Bodger if you are having such an issue it might be worth you looking up a local pestcontroller and getting someone in.

Ok its going to cost more than a tub of bait, but it is then their problem not yours.

As matt also said you probably had a few more than your realise

I ran my own pest control businessfor a number of years and hold the RSH certificate in pest control.

I no longer have an account with the likes of Killgerm and this product was the one that my local agricultural merchants had on their shelves.
matt the rat

Sadly Bodger, times have changed since you did your RSPH.

While the fundamental basics of rodent behaviour and control have remained the same, the regulations and best practice guidelines have changed beyond belief.

After 25 years in general pest control, I'm now a molecatcher who does a bit of pest control rather than a pest controller who controls the odd mole.

The system is stacked up against the professional pest controller, and while I still do some research fieldwork for the university, the days of me chasing around after rat and mouse work are over.

I have/had one job where I was expected to fill in 7 forms before I could do anything; it's just got ridiculous.  

Meanwhile, the ameteur user or farmer just carries on regardless and does as he or she pleases.....

"Meanwhile, the ameteur user or farmer just carries on regardless and does as he or she pleases....."

Thankfully, thats exactly the situation that I find myself in.

And its just that sort of attitude by the non professionals that is potentially damaging our presious wildlife

Mel, there shouldn't and usually isn't any of 'our precious' wildlife in our loft.

As for attitude, the only attitude that I detect here' is one of protectionism.

By law, a huge amount of information comes with every package of rodenticide. This includes the methodology of the particular poison in the product and the does and don'ts of using it.
Their are certain products that are labelled 'for professional use only' and this particular product' as far as I'm aware, isn't one of them.

Armed with the information supplied with the products and a modicom of common sense,  there isn't always the need for the lay person  to call out and pay for a professional pest controller.
My original post was about the effacacy of this particular product, to which I have now recieved an answer.

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