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Its that Fungi time of year again. 11 photos

All taken on yesterday mornings dog walk.


Once again great pics

So long since I collected any fungi!  Only able to identify fly agaric, russula, puff balls and the tree fungus and at one time I would have got most of them.  Favourites used to be shaggy ink caps, deep fried in batter with their own catsup.

But always remember, any fungus is edible ONCE but only the safe ones are edible twice.  The continental system where you take your findings to the pharmacist for identification is so good.

Great pictures  
Grandma Bodger

super pics as usual I was wondering how many would have been edible

Fly agaric is hallucinogenic but just edible in small amounts, russula most are OK but not very tasty, puff balls are really good fried in bacon fat, great taste and texture, the tree fungus is usually edible but not worth the bother.

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