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Its official.......

I am now a grown up and have to take some responsibility....the bees have arrived. Took some pics....from a safe distance! They are not in our hive yet. The guy we got them from said let them get acclimatised to the new location first and then move them. They came from his apiary quite a few miles away. Ironic as he has hives in our lane too, but as we found out there are specific distances concerning hive movements. So thats a job for the weekend too. This is all very exciting.


Great pics, good luck with the bees, they are great time wasters, i used to spend ages watching mine going in and out of the hive. They are truly fascinating


Fantastic news! (But I don't believe the first 6 words! )

Great news love the photos but can't see why anyone would have/want to grow up most grown ups are boring  

Great pics  

Have fun !

12Bore wrote:
Fantastic news! (But I don't believe the first 6 words! )


Thanks all for - I have spent far too many hours watching them already....they are so addictive. Took my glass of home made wine out to the yard this evening and watched them in the evening sun.

Welcome to one of the most adictive hobbies imo in the world!

they really are great to watch and come the spring you will be just popping out to see if they are up and around yet.

the most important thing i was told by my teacher was


and i has stood me well so far.


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