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Its not natural

But then again, neither is flying them in thousands of miles.

Strawberries and polytunnels?

Its a long time since people, as in everyone ate seasonal fruit and veg. These days, the populace expects to see all sorts of stuff on the supermarket shelves and at all times of the year. Polytunnels? Love them or hate them?

Having seen hundreds of acres under plastic on our visits to Herefordshire, as far as I'm concerned, its definitely a case of NIMBY. While I might admire the farmers enterprise, I certainly don't appreciate the view. What if anything are your views on the masses of polytunnels?

It might look like a field of funny water from a distance, but it feeds folks on local produce, not grown in 'night soil' from some 3rd world whatever, we can be pretty certain that they abided by the H&S we can lay down on pesticides, arsenics, etc., it provides British jobs and supports the local economy.
They aren't useable in Summer since they become too hot, but they extend the growing season phenomenally.

I'm a fussy pain about fruit out of season. I really do like the way the annual round refreshes my pleasure in each kind, but modern strawberries are so far removed from the little wild ones that I forage and grow as to be a different thing entirely.,

Better home grown I reckon, and if this allows it to work, fair enough.

Deeside is full of them too. It's perhaps time that folks just accept that agriculture has to be seen as a rural 'business' and that the fields are the factories.

I know at least one site where folks had no spare cash but collected empty coke and irn bru bottles from neighbours (the local schoolkids brought them in too) and made a greenhouse using them. It's not 'country', it's not 'rustic', but it's very productive and helps feed a group of ten all year round with salad crops.

The farmer growing the strawberries says he grows them at table height….brilliant    I've picked strawberries (the Clyde Valley farms used to grow most of the soft fruit for central Scotland) and it's fun for ten minutes, after two hours you just end up aching.
Job needs done though, so get on and do it. Same with tattie howking.
I think growing them at table height is inspired

No, it's not 'natural', but neither is a population of 65 million humans on our islands….and they all need feeding. Better home grown where we can.
British Red

The guy is making a living. If someone chimed in and said they didn't like the look of my netted raised beds or greenhouses would tell 'em to get lost. So I try to extend others the same freedom to do what they wish with their own property  
Northern Lass

There's a fruit farm not far from me that's been using polytunnels for years - they're a major supplier for local shops as well as pick-your-own, that's far better for the community than importing stuff from who-knows-where. As a point of principle we grow as much of our own as we can, don't buy imported anything if we can help it and try to source everything as locally as possible.... bananas are a niggle, admittedly....

Good luck to 'em - it's hard enough earning a living from the land, farmers need all the advantages they can find!

There are ones here for them and tomatoes but only good for out of season and some are very organic too. As said by NLass at least they grow them under our laws and employ local people with  spin offs like here Bumble Bee breeding for them

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