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Its nice to be appreciated

You all may have noticed, I've been missing for a few days.
Well its been a very busy few days, on Sunday last, it was my Dear Wife's birthday, the big 60....

We had a big family get together at a well know local restuarant, four generations of family.....what a great day out that was...

So back to my subject, which I could have entitled 'What goes around comes around'.
A few weeks back my wife's old car failed its Mot, badly...
Son and Daughter and respective partners ,put together and bought Mom a brand new car....Obviously Mom was over the moon...
On Sunday they all passed over to Mom, small token presents, just so she had something to open on the day...

Then they topped the presenting Mom and I with one more gift..

A holiday for two, a mini break to visit the Eden Project.....

What more can I say...for all We have cursed them at times over the years..

Appreciated We now know how much....
  one and all and our wonderful Family...

What a wonderful family

You will love the Eden Project - and Happy Belated Birthday to your wife

This is real cheer factor stuff, well done on bringing up a such great family!

Great when they do things like that so many families wont even get together    

Oh, Fantastic
That really brought a tear to my eye  
What a great family you have
Grandma Bodger

what a lovely thought, as you say what comes around, they must think the world of you both enjoy your holiday  

Happy birthday to your good lady  

What a heart warming story - You have obviously raised some great kids  

Now is the time to reap your rewards - enjoy your holiday. The Eden project is fantastic.

We are off on our trip later on this going down a day earlier than planned we will stop off somewhere about half break the journey...see you all next thursday..  

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