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chicken feed

its british sausage week november 2nd - 8th

is anyone doing anything for british sausage week ? new sausage's ? sausage diner party ? look on the bpex site for more info.

i am doing my bit by visiting the local radio station with a heap of sausage sandwiches on behalf of lips    i get myself some strange jobs but its all for a good cause the british pork industry needs supporting from small scale rare breeds to large commercial herds so long as its british pork  the british pig farmers need consumers to buy there product

Please tell us more

Whats bpex and lips.

Whats your connection with the great British banger ?
chicken feed

bpex is a group set up to support british pork they have roadshows throughout the year and hold competions for pork products ie sausages, pork pies its where the butchers get their gold, siver bronze awards from
take a look at their web site its very interesting.

lips is ladies in pigs they travel around the shows handing out freshly cooked pork dishes it is a membership group and they hold different event days across the country i have just been on a bpex pig in a day course with them, you can join just to support the british pig or be hands on with the demos etc. its ten pounds a year membership.
look on their web site its just being updated but you will find some great recipie's and dates & venues you dont even have to have pigs to join just a passion for protecting the pork industry big and small in britan.
i hope this helps explain bpex and lips

Thanks for that.

How are you getting on with Maynards book ? There's years and years of ideas in there. I told you it was a 'goodun'  
chicken feed

i keep reading it just cant wait to get going.
thanks for the recommendation
chicken feed

well i have just rang the radio stations today to arrang the sausage sandwich drop next week, delivered posters advertising british sausage week to my two local butchers no i have a mountain of sausage recipe cards to hand out all in the name of british pork i hope my pigs appreciate what i am doing for them must be mad the butchers thought i was anyhow

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