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Its been six years !

On this day in 2005 Hunting with dogs became illegal in Britain at midnight.

Although it can be argued that six years on, more hunting and not less hunting with dogs goes on, that damnable law has still not been repealed.

I don't think that the present government has the bottle or the will to repeal the bill.
chicken feed

a day to remember hundreds turned out to support our local hunt on the last day (including myself) tears and pride aflow the master of the hunt vowed to keep fighting unti the bill was turned its about time someone grew some b***s and repeal the bill

Re: Its been six years !

bodger wrote:

I don't think that the present government has the bottle or the will to repeal the bill.

Well said mate, I was even considering moving abroad with my dogs because of the ban. But round my hunting areas the police are not fussed about our dogs catching things accidentally as long as nobody is trying to rob off our farms   . I know a few police officers locally who still work there dogs, 1 sometimes runs his dogs on my mates farm and he is sound to talk to as he knows I have permission. I was impressed with a bitch off his own line that I offered him good money for her but he wouldn't take it, but promised me a pup when he breeds her

The [on foot] hunt was in the Cwm yesterday as I heard the horns and the dogs but had to go out so didn't hear shots or not. I just hope they reduced some of the fox numbers.

They won't try to repeal the law until the time is right otherwise its a total waste of time,but at some point they will try in the future

when there is more attacks from foxes in town the townies will want the ban turned around as they will realise how an age old tradition was actuly affective in keeping numbers down rather than a crual sport i just need to get me a trap and then borrow a gun to shoot the dam fox. BRING BACK HUNTING i say

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