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chicken feed

Its been busy busy busy here

last week saw us in the hottest part of the UK showing way too hot for man or beast !.

Then las weekend our old sow decided to give birth to her largest ever litter 17 in total from a 2008 born animal that has had two litters a year this came as a surprise to us and her !.

Yesterday morning we loaded 3 pigs and 2 lambs for their final journey so thursday i will be collecting pork sausages and lamb topping up the freezers and in two weeks i shall be collecting the bacon.

We have also had three days of farm sitting and another two this week before we set off to the yorkshire show on sunday morning. So all I have to do is get onto of all the house work and garden before we set off and wait for a call to say the gilt that has decided to go over her due date is farrowing we like to be on hand with first timers.

You need a good wife.

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