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It never ceases to amaze me!

It never ceases to amaze me just how thick some people are.

Just how long does it take for some folk to realize that someones made a mistake? Hello ! Dime Bar !!!!!!!!!

We have two guinea pigs and they are both females. well at least I think they are.

I may however have found an answer to their problem. how about?


How about identical twin calves 1 male, 1 female Massey university buys all the identical heifers they can for research  NOW settle down they don't kill them just run twin herds as they are an agricultural college. This is a common thing they find when go to pick them up.

Love the coments on the second one some people are easy wound up and others love to do it      

Well, get this!  A friend of mine has a beautiful young JRT bitch, about 7 or 8 months old, showing no signs of a first season yet.  She's been letting this pup run with next doors Staffordshire bull terrier - because they're 'friends'!

I said that they must be really careful he doesn't get across the bitch and possibly get her pregnant to which she said it was fine, he'd been neutered.  The other day, we called in and next doors staffie was in their living room having come for a 'visit' - beautiful dog, lovely temperament so we had a look at him.

Lo and behold, there's his little knackers stuck under his tail for all to see - so much for him having been 'neutered'.  If you're too thick to notice a 'neutered' dog still has his plums what hope for you is there?

We gave her a lecture about him still being capable of doing the job and that he could kill their pup either by mating her or by getting her in pup and her trying to pass puppies that would be far to large for her small frame - we deliberately made it sound absolutely dreadful!  Where things will go from there I don't know!  

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