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It made you go faster!

Do you remember when bread was sold in brightly coloured greased paper? Did you ever use it to grease the slide in the council park so that you went down it faster. If you did, then you must be as old as me.  

We still get bread like that
It's called Scottish Plain, and it makes absolutely the best toast

Ten thirty at night now, and you've made me hungry   Butter and marmite and mug of chai

We used to use the wrapper to kindle the fire, if they weren't needed to wrap pieces/ sandwiches, in those pre cling film and cheap poly bag days.
Didn't know you could use them to skite down the chute.
We used to nick the bread boards from behind the local shop and use them to slide down the bing though..we always returned the boards, but they were absolutely filthy when we were done with them.


We used to rub slide with candles

There was Champion of course but when we used to go to the park, we always looked out for Mothers Slide ! Groan    

i must be a sprog as i cant remember bread in coloured paper!  

i canremember going down very steep hills on an old tin tray and repeatedly ended up in a big heap at the bottom and usually getting stomped on by my elder brothers. Oh the joys of being the youngest!  


Waxed wrappers were interchangeable with IZAL...  

12Bore wrote:
Waxed wrappers were interchangeable with IZAL...

Izal, the only product for that purpose where you'd consider using stinging nettles instead.
Yorkshire Geordie

My Dad, being a Yorkshireman, insisted that we used no more than four sheets of paper at a sitting and Mum, being Scottish, bought Izal rolls.

It certainly taught us frugality, and my Mum used to dread Monday washing days.  

Do you think it was medicated because of the cuts and abrasions?  

Glad we never had that. Way back the news paper ended up in strips on toilet door for paper

To link the bread wrappers and toilet roll, when we were kids we had a local bakery, the kids would stand outside chanting:

"Don't eat Whittles' bread,
It makes you sh1t like lead.
No bdooly wonder
You fart like thunder!
Don't eat Whittles' bread!"

For some reason, the bakery no longer exists!

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