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mrs tiggywinkle


staying in Jerusalem and had a brilliant time. I only went for 4days and after having a 7hr delay in Manchester felt as if I wouldn't get there at all.
 It was a very busy time for sunbathing..
We went to the Shuk (market) where they sell all types of bread, spices and veg.

Jaffa gate which serves as a link to the Old and New cities of Jerusalem

 We also visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the site of the crucifixion and burial of Christ.

In the evening we went to St. Davids citadel to watch a light and sound show.. the graphics were amazing.
 Citadel wall at night.
 Not having been last time a trip to the Israel museum was called for and although we spent a good 3 hrs there haven't seen half of it.
 Finally just wanted to show the pomegranates growing in Stephs garden, she also has lemons and olives.

Great piccies! Photo of the market especially brings back memories of my visit there (long time ago now)
Pleased you enjoyed it.
Did you do the Wailing Wall thing?

I have been to Israel too - in fact I am still here!  

I came on 27 August 1985 so next Monday will mark the 27th anniversary of living here!  

Looks fantastic Miss tiggywinkle....looks a good place to get some nice varied stuff from a photographic point of view....looking at the first pic is making me hungry as well
mrs tiggywinkle

Yes Mo I've been to the Wailing Wall..I visited there last time I was in Jerusalem. Only trouble was it was Saturday (Shabbat) so couldn't take any photos.
  It really is a lovely place despite all the troubles.

Great photos!

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