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Is this typical of how are rivers are being cleaned up ?

If there been a general improvement in the water quality in our inland waterways, how much of it is down to a genuine effort compared  to a general melt down of the countries manufacturing base ?
Just a handy bye product of economic didsaster ?

Its wonderful news to see a river getting back to its former glory after years of our neck of the woods its large rivers like the Don, Calder and Aire that have improved year after year mostly because the industrial base that once polluted these rivers has all but gone or cleaned up its act, new laws that protect the environment and of course the work done by the E.A re improving habitat and restocking programmes but its not just the bigger rivers that benefit, the smaller tributaries and feeder streams all improve as well.....I was fishing the Aire a couple of seasons back for pike when i saw something that utterly amazed me...A Salmon running the river

There's plenty of room for improvement.

The real star has to be the Thames.
From a dead river full of fictional entity knows what to one of the cleanest watercourses in Europe.
All in just over one generation and well before any help from recession.

The River Thames is now home to some 120 fish species,

Some interesting reading on this link.

Thats a good link Bazzer.

Bazzers can be usefull sometimes then. :evil9:

Hi Bodger

i reckon most of it is down to the decimation of industry...

This year i started fishing the river Rother that is close to where i live, twenty years ago it was among the most polluted rivers in the whole of Euorope

it is now heaving with fish

also, i work in a heavy foundry here in sheffield that is on the banks of the river Don, when i started here in 1979, the river was barren, you could see a layer of oil on the surface so oxygen couldn't dissolve into the water, yet again, this is another river is that is now full of fish...

Even though our company (Sheffield Forgemasters) is still here, there is very little in the way of industry on the banks of the Don...


I'm 100% with you.

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