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Is there a Pass-it-on thread on the forum ?

Do we have a pass-it on thread ?

Someone kicks things off by offering something, and to post it to someone on the forum. Whoever says, " Yes please", then has to offer something else…and it goes on, ad infinitum


We did something similar on the Dig in Deep (gardening) section with seeds but we haven't done it with general items..............what does everyone else think about it?

Over the years we've definitely done it quite a bit with books.

I think kick starting the seeds one by bringing it to mind would be a good thing
Means that we think of saving extra seed to share at the end of the Summer.
Could maybe list the kinds of things that are 'potentially' available for people to consider ?

The pass-it-on I thought could be everything and anything. Just a 'good thing', if I make myself clear ?

Under a kg in weight is less than £3 to post; well, so long as it's under a metre long, it is


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