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Rare one

is it spring?

The first Snowdrop has made an apearance in the front garden.

I did look for mine the other day but they are not showing yet - I must look harder

We had crocuses-or should that be crocii?-flower in November?!?!

No sign of ours yet but I think the Daff's could be in for a shock.

freckle wrote:
We had crocuses-or should that be crocii?-flower in November?!?!

there are some autumn flowering varieties

My lilacs and trees had started to bud about a month ago.....I just cringed. I hope it didn't hurt them too badly. Fingers crossed it will make them heartier. I don't have any spring bulbs planted just yet....I think about it and then never seem to get it done. I really need to just DO IT!!! I do love the little splashes of color through the snow. I tried tulips several years and I just can't do them. Different houses with different beds, etc. Will have to decide to try something else. Would love to see pictures of all of your spring flowers as they start to make appearances!

your spring flowers as they start to make appearances

All shooting now and can't wait to see them either but not a sign of Snowdrop or Crocus yet.

The trees in my garden are in bud and the daffs and snowdrops are poking their heads out but no flowers as yet.


I have just spent the morning in the garden tidying up the rest of the leaves and found some primroses in flower. Also I have some hardy cyclamen that are still blooming despite last weeks snow. Am looking forward eagerly to a good display of winter aconite as I planted a wheel barrow full of them in the late spring - my mate was thinning out his patch and gave them to me.  they are about 3 for 10 bulbs in the garden centre!! Love Lizzie

highly noticeable in our area that the snowdrops are flowering and the daffs and crocus are coming up well but only in the sheltered areas, on the parks,embankments and exposed places harder hit by the cold weather there is no sign of life yet!!1

Must be spring - there's more snow forecast after the best part of a fine day.

Snowdrops at last.

It will be interesting to see when we get anything to raise it's "spring' head here.....bated breath and all

Our relation in Calgary told me that they have about a 120 day growing season.

I have something poking it's head up in the jungle out back.  I'm sure Scottie will identify it for me  
I should hopefully get out there soon if it ever stops raining and hack at bits I don't like.  I'll have a pretty green bit one day...

Well, spring has never seemed further away. Took this picture from the back door just now.

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