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Is double glazing environmentally friendly?

So much double glazing involves the use of plastics (not environmentally friendly in my book). I'm not sure that the reduction in the need for heating balances out the use of products involved in the double glazing.

That said - I live in social housing and have no real say in what form of double glazing is used.

But it doesn't seem green to me.

Plastic double glazing is not good environmentally but you can get wooden double glazing.  

The best DG is softwood interior and painted aluminium exterior, perfectly able to be made and could come in any colour you wanted. Alu can be recycled with no losses at all and at 1/5 of the energy requirement to release the metal from it's initial state buried in Bauxite.  Not to mention the cost of mining it in the first place.

With Argon-filled units, of course, since they have a U-value of less than one. I have an Argon window and it's a significant difference.

I know a window fitter and keep badgering him for info about anyone making the above windows. Will keep on at him.

He takes out perfectly good Mahogany ones and puts in plastic ones all the time. He burns the hardwood in his living room fire.  It's stupid, quite stupid.

We took the single glazing out of the bog-standard softwood windows that we inherited and replaced it with 16mm double glazed units. Didn't cost much and has made a massive difference.

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