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Irish sport horse gold mine

Have spent a great afternoon walking around the most simply undiscovered gold mine in Ireland!

Some of the best conformation I have seen in years. Not fancy breeding just straight legs and movement to die for.

Prediction: The old style Irish bred will come back to the fore as they move perform and best of all are rideable.

disclaimer - bought three gypsy cobs here

Gorgeus looking animals.
A quick question, why dont we ever see coloured horses in horse racing, like the Grand National or The Derby??

Race horses are thorough breds and anything that produces a coloured isn't a thoroughbred.
I couldn't possibly afford to let Doodle see that link Calli. I may very well have to get Karen to moderate it.

Too late! Seen it! lol but I think I have enough on my plate with a 2 year old hanoverian at the moment!

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