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Intro to blacksmithing events - Cornwall

As some of you know John is a blacksmith to trade and has finally got round to doing some teaching.
In my role as Skills Coordinator for the RBS Ive put together an event that is subsidised (if you meet the criteria) -
Introduction to Blacksmithing - Tues 17th July a whole day at it hammer and tongs to create one or two pieces(depending on how good you are) and learning some of the techniques used by proper blacksmiths.
If eligible 50, if not 100. max 2 people on event.

The eligibility thing:  you must be resident in Cornwall and be working in agriculture, forestry or horticulture.

Now, I know that some of you who might be interested in this dont live in Cornwall - so IF YOU ARE INTERESTED please pm me.

We do offer other dates and do offer blacksmithing on a one to one or one to do basis for 80 per day outside this particular event.

Would be a great thing to learn   hope people manage to get on it
bunny boyo


What a wonderful opportunity, wish i live"d closer but i feel sure you will be oversubscribed.

Bit annoyed at the RBS - the date for the magasine has been missed, but I am looking at alternative advertising.....

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