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Yorkshire Geordie

Very novel and interesting BUT at 149.95 it seems a tad expensive to brew a cuppa and charge a phone.

I think I will still be rubbing sticks together or using Swan Vestas for a wee while yet.


PS - penultimate day tomorrow  

These were discussed over on CycleChat a few months ago, and apparently the charging output is only just a few milliamps above the minimum charging requirements of most smart phones. Which in the real world would mean that you would have to tend and feed the stove for some 4 to 5 hours to gain enough to make worthwhile.

OK, in a life and death survival situation that might just be enough to make a difference, but in the real world even the weight penalty of the few ounces that this gadget is, it is not even worth the effort of hauling it around.

We have a thing called a "thremette" here been around for ever, just 2 tubes inside each other and fire in middle which even this one would give off a lot more useful heat. The thing with this type of thing is that they are often allowed in high fire risk areas as they are quiet safe from sparks blowing about. As for a charger well as Gareth said but if you used it as an extraevery time you had it going would help keep your power up.

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