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sally a


Not the most exciting skill to have   I specialise in Motor Trade Insurance, but all insurance contracts follow the same basic rule.

Unfortunately over the years, top quality products, have been diluted to save money, so people aren't covered for what they thought they were, and the FSA (bless 'em) has now insisted that insurers & brokers get the documents out within 14 days or something, so that you, the paying punter can check through the small print and ensure it's what you want...........Yeah right!!!     Unfortunately the cheap Direct insurers have left a lot of people open to uninsured events.

Officially, and to comply with FSA rules I am not allowed to comment professionally on any product that I have not provided........but if any of you have any gyp with drones from Sector G that you have bought online from, let me see your wordings, tell me what's happened and I will try to assist you by confuddling them  :smt103

Nice one sally a  

I too have dabbled in insurance over the years (personal injury claims and investigation of suspected fraudulent motor incident claims) and my "specialist subject" is helping claimant's insurers "do the right thing" when it comes to investigating RTA claims - so, I guess, the other end of the scale from sally a.

A lot of insurers in some circumstances will adopt the 50/50 split liability stance.  This is often the easy route chosen when there are no witnesses and the two parties to the incident disagree on events surrounding the accident.  If a claim is managed correctly then the truth will out - as has been the case in a couple of claims I have looked after for friends/relatives/colleagues in the last few months.

house insurance query

My house ins is due for renewal soon. We have a 15 acre smallholding and I have always had ordinary house ins and assumed that was all I needed - it 'says' it covers outbuildings and public liability. I have now seen ads specifically for smallholdings but a quote from them was more than double - do I need it? What extra do I get for it? They obviously told me I did!! We have no footpaths or public access.

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