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Insurance, its nice if you have it.

In this instance, the insurance was the twi-weld mesh of the aviary that we keep our canaries in. I heard a cafuffle and saw a sparrowhawk trying to get at our birds. He made four or five putts at them while I was stood just a few yards from the aviary.
Unfortunately, the wild birds that we feed don't have the same protection. This last moth has been really bad, with the sparrowhawk calling a dozen or so times a day but this is the first time I've seen it trying to strike at the canaries.

Wow! I never heard of one having several attempts at the mesh, but many moons ago circa 1982/3 my mates and I used to have aviaries, two of us were standing there talking outside my mate's budgie filled flight when a Sparrow Hawk hit the mesh, it scared the livin bejaysus out of us, just picked itself up and flew away, the budgies were spooked for a day or two though not wanting to come out into the main flight area.

I had a mate who found a dead sparrow hawk outside his aviary. It had more than likely broken its neck striking at the birds. No such luck with this one of mine.

About 4 years ago I had one fly INSIDE my bird shed , and try and strike at my budgies in there breeding cages , I rushed in shut the door and threw a towel over it , , but I had to take the cage front of to get it off the front .
The birds were well spooked and I lost a few youngsters through the hens coming of the nest  ,  but hawk never came back ?

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