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Dave C

Indian Game Cockerels

Hi, I've sorted my breed pens out for this season and have 2 spare Dark Indian Game Cockerels 26 weeks old.

Perfect for cross breeding for table birds.

They are free to OTG members and I might be able to deliver / meet up most places in north England, as I travel with work.
Dave C

Could of advertised them locally, as they are always in demand.
but decided to cull them for the table, as I'm trying to eat as much home grown chicken as possible.

These birds were only on Layers pellets, living free range and chased Pullets around all day.
So I was very pleased with the 3.8kg & 3.3kg live weights.
I will be processing them in the morning but by the feels of them, the amount of Breast meat on them is very pleasing for a pure traditional breed.

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