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In the garden, Saturday morning

I got up to let the dog out on Saturday morning, planning to go straight back indoors for leisurely tea and breakfast, but ended up spending half an hour pottering about with my camera.  Quite pleased with some of the results...

Fuchsia is doing well (totally neglected!)

The end of the Hypericum (it survived my savage pruning last year, I need to take the shears to it again soon)

Photinia is another one that needs pruning - it's about 15' tall


This is all over the wall outside the kitchen, not sure what it's called but it's pretty

Not sure what this is either, I moved it earlier in the year which it seems to have appreciated as it is much bushier

My favourite from the morning...
Yorkshire Geordie

Very good, zboo, it looks as if the dew got there before you.

Spiders' webs and dew are glorious - but I find them difficult to photograph because the background's never dark or plain enough.  

We've got a load of cabbage white caterpillars which are munching away at our nasturtiums. They are then climbing to the eaves for their re-birth.  


Thanks love coloured leave too great photos

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