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In the fields beneath the Spitfires!

No not a walk back in time, well not quite. This morning we were out on the cliff tops walking the dog when two Spitfires flew over us  at a very low height. I don't think that there are that many working spits left but there are definitely two in our area and I say that, because in the last five minutes, they've just flown over our house.

They are great to see even better in tandem with Lancaster bomber

Yes and followed the flights on line with the 2 Lancs and fighters

Best air displays I've seen in years was 3 or 4 yeas ago at Cosford, first the Lancaster and Vulcan did a formation display (still find it hard to believe the maiden flights of those 2 designs was only 11 years apart) followed by a Spitfire  in formation with a Euro-fighter Typhoon.

Living just a few miles from where the BBMF is based, we get to see them often in the summer, we hear that familiar drone overhead and out we go!

We do actually sometimes get our own fly-over at school from the Lanc, as our school is built on an old airfield that was home to a Lancaster squadron in the war.

Best here was 4 years ago when the Mossie flew over me out in the paddock on its way to the airshow then at the airshow then it with vampires and venom flying. There are a few spitfires in NZ 1hurricane which has flown over us here.
brummie nick

I think the sound of a Spitfire engine is marvelous.
Growing up in Birmingham in wartime we got to hear it a lot on them being tested.

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