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In need of cheering up.

In need of cheering up.
I'm feeling a tad cheesed off and I'll tell you why.
This afternoon I popped in for a cup of tea with an old chicken buddy of mine. He's a poultry judge and is well up in the poultry world, with his finger well on the pulse of what's going on.
He expressed some views which were quite depressing about what is likely to happen with Avian Flu in the future. His reasoning, unfortunately seemed quite logical to me.
Two seasons ago they had the virus over in France and other parts of mainland Europe too. This season, the situation over there escalated and has been absolutely horrendous. Hundreds of thousands of domestic birds have been lost to the disease.
He then went on to tell me that the consensus of opinion within the poultry industry is that this pattern would probably repeat itself in the UK next winter.
The other obvious thing he told me, was that while most of the winter migrating birds have now left UK shores, the summer migrants are about to start arriving.
I'm going to make sure that my poultry numbers stay at a level where I can comfortably house all my birds indoors if and when the necessity arrives.
He also reckoned that it would be some considerable time before chicken showing resumed and because of this, he's taken the decision not to breed any new stock this year.

That sounds real bad to be looking at that hopefully we arefar enough away from it all

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