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In Memoriam - Phoebe - Always such a good girl


Hi all - been a bit quiet just lately as my beautiful Phoebe had been getting ill over the last few months and sadly in June her heart was failing so badly that I had to take her on her last journey to the vets.  It broke my heart

Her last night as I sat with her I whispered to her to come back to me as a puppy so we could enjoy some more happy times together.  That night a litter was born to one of her relations at her breeders and earlier this week I went to see them and have picked a little black girl puppy

All sense and reason dictates that I should not have another Great Dane, but fate, timing and my heart have intervened and I will be collecting her in August.

I know some of you met my Phoebe and perhaps will agree with me that she was a wonderful girl.

  to you from all family here furry not so furry and not furry. Love and common sense don't understand each other, love should always win Sorry for your loss glad for your mrmorys and new ones to make.
Yorkshire Geordie

How sad.  
My commiserations on your loss.
Looking at your movie I can tell that Phoebe really enjoyed her life and all around her.
Such a moving tribute, Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No.1 is so fitting and apt.
Enjoy your new little black girl puppy.

It breaks your heart when something happens to your pet.  I still have my Jessie's ashes and have told my family that when I go I want her to come with me  

I've just seen this.

So very sorry you've lost Phoebe. They leave huge pawprints on your heart.    

Oh Sue, so sad but I bet you will have your hands full with a puppy in the Bus!

I'm so sorry to hear your news.
I'm glad that another puppy is on the way.

Oh Sue, she was a lovely girl.

Seabird wrote:
I've just seen this.

So very sorry you've lost Phoebe. They leave huge pawprints on your heart.    

Same here. Agreed. ((Hugs))
Rick & Carol

very sad for you, I'm sure the new arrival will keep you busy though

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