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In Loving Memory.

I had some very upsetting news yesterday afternoon, I was told by my ex husband that on the 28th of December my boy Zac suffered from  a major brain hem and had to be put to sleep.
Also on 27th of April that my baby girl Angharad had passed away.



Allways In My Thoughts & Allways In My Heart
Till We Meet Again
Blessed Be
welsh lamb

So sorry to hear this - animals are such good friends and it is very sad to loose them .

sorry about your news jen.......

It must have been a shock to hear about that Jen

Sorry to hear the news Jen  

Sorry mate.

Bums, read this this afternoon..

I shall walk in the sun alone
whose golden light you loved;
I shall sleep alone
and stirring, touch an empty
I shall write uninterrupted-
I would that your gentle paw
could stay my moving pen just once again.

I sahll see beauty,
but none shall match your living grace:
I shall hear music,
Bot not so sweet as the droning song
with which you loved me.

I shall fill my days,
but I shall not, cannot forget:
sleep soft, dear freind,
For while I live, you cannot die.

kaz wrote:
It must have been a shock to hear about that Jen

Thanks all and posh scouse for the poem  

As many that know me can imagine it was (is) a total shock to me not having children they where my "kids", I'm still very upset we have to go to Coventry I think the 27th of May to collect the ashes, Zac & Angharad's as well as a few other of my pets ashes it's going to be a very hard day for me and Richie.

At least when we collect them we know they will be at Coming Home Zac would have loved it here on the Gower just wish thing's could have been slightly diffrent and we could have collected them alive and well, Angharad as some know was seriously ill for awhile and thanks to OTG members & management for their help,donations & advice she was OK for a while and had a good quality of life.

But anyway Thank You All for your comments and wishes they are much appreciated.

Jeni & Richie

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