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In Deep (erm)......

Not had the dogs upto the farm for a while because of Ozzi's injured pad but it's finally healed nicely and so decided to treat em to an hour or two's stroll on the land last night after work.

We boxed the dogs up and set off on the ten minute drive, as we got closer to the farm the easily recognisable smell of a dairy farm gave the game away to the dogs and before we'd even slowed down ready to pull into the farmyard the dogs were whimpering in eager anticipation.

We let them out of the car and let them have a potter around whilst I swopped my flip flops for some more appropriate footwear (not my high heels this time   )

We started off behind the barn that houses the growing bulls. There's a large pile of rubble there that normally harbours a few rats, the dogs began marking but due to the nature of rubbish here only the top layer can be moved manually without the aid of the tractor, that coupled with the fact that the cover has become really thick and the normal route the rats run goes straight into one of the barns that was full of bolshy adolescent bulls we decided to move on to the next location that we know is normally well inhabited.

Over the road (and to the left a little    ) is where the bales are stacked. As we carefully limbo'd under the electric fence towards the bales, something caught the attention of the dogs and they set off in hot pursuit of it, unfortunately it had too much of a head start and got away    the dogs scrambled their way up the bales.

We walked round all the other usual hot spots and the dogs marked impeccably as usual but due to the immense cover, luck was on the side of the rodents  

The dogs had worked so hard and well that we were regretting the decision to retreat back to the car but it was getting late so we didnt have much choice. On our way back to the car we decided to have a quick look around the feeders in the milking yard the dogs were marking alongside the barn and frantically digging trying to gain access but to no avail due to the blocks of concrete encompassing the holes.

For some reason known only to the terriers, they darted across the yard and over the sun ripened crusty top coat of slurry in the slurry pit. By the time we reached them it was too late and they had sunken shoulder deep into the sloppy, smelly waste lurking beneath  
Once free of the slurry Janus bolted a rat from the upright sleepers that segregate the area, she ran/swam/dove back through the slurry and caught it just as it was about to disappear beneath the concrete yard. The next rat was bolted a few minutes later, it took the same path and was followed and caught by Ozzi.

Only two rats accounted for but the dogs enjoyed it (and so did we)


Here's some more photo's:


Brilliant write up and right up my street.
Dave C

Nice thread and excellent pics.


I bet that the aroma was wonderful in the car on the way home

Cheers Dave  

Kaz - luckily they go in a terrier box so it didnt get anywhere on the car!

Didnt stop the stench though. We took the box straight out when we arrived home but there was still a faint whiff of the previous nights shananigans the following morning on my way to work   its gone now luckily  

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