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In 45 minutes time.

At eleven o clock, the vet is coming to have a look at a growth that's developed on Bella's inner eye lid.
Kaz and I have been feeling quite depressed with over the prognosis for our beautiful horse and all we can do now, is hope for the best. We've had her for well over twenty years, so fingers crossed for good news.

Fingers crossed here for your beautiful girl.

Yes, fingers crossed.....

The vet has taken a growth out of the corner of her eye that was about the size of your thumb end.
He came out with a very long scientific name for it but basically, its been caused by her sensitivity to the sun. She's still very sedated at the moment and we'l have to give her Bute morning and night. He's pretty certain that he's got the tumour all out but there's always a chance that these thing might grow back.
I've got to phone the vet in a weeks time to let him know how things are. he's been very good today and I'm afraid that I feared the worst. Its still a matter of fingers crossed.

I didn't expect him to do anything to it today

We'll get her sunglasses for next year  (Allthough it has always seemed that windy weather has made it worse in the past )

I know nothing about horse ailments but would blinkers give her some protection

Very happy for you that it was fixable today. A fly mask might do the trick.

Glad this went well today.

Thank goodness it went well today I'll keep my fingers crossed until you say otherwise.

  Really chuffed....hope all goes well...

Dave C

I bet that was a worry for you.

So pleased things have worked out  

The eye looks a bit of a manky mess this morning but I suppose that's only to be expected. I'd got visions of having to have her put down yesterday.

Have only just seen this post but hopefully Bellas eye is feeling better by now. My mare suffers with equine recurring uvieitis which is a painful condition that can flare up at any time. I have resorted to putting a fly mask on during daylight hours with the offending eye blacked out, maybe this might be a good idea for Bella.

Fingers crossed for her

Claire x

Good idea Claire.
Bella is slowly improving but still has a tiny bit of discharge (compared to what it was) and does not seem inclined to open her eye fully yet.

Well its sounding more hopeful than perhaps you thought and sometimes its surprising how well animals recover  

Fingers crossed for you and beautiful Bella

Hows Bellas eye doing?

She still has a very small amount of discharge and some days she doesn't want to open her eye fully but she looks as though she is getting better slowly.
It doesn't help that we have had this cold wind and she insists on standing on the outside of her shelter rather than inside
She was also lame on a front foot this week - it is impossible to clean her feet regularly as even the farrier has difficulty getting her to lift her feet but we managed to get a small stone out so hopefully the foot is just bruised rather than the start of an abcess (which she is prone to).
The farrier is due soon so he will sort her out

Hope Bella is feeling better today. I now keep a stock of bute, atropine and eye drops in the fridge in case holly's eru flares up. Poor Bella, she really isn't having a nice time at the moment. Fingers crossed she will soon feel much better.


Hope she's feeling better soon!  Glad that it was good news this time.

Bella is in the wars again

Apart from getting out of her stable and trashing the yard the other morning, when he was putting her back in, Bodger noticed a huge swelling below her ear that was very tender - another call out for the vet.....

....she has diagnosed an abcess that is not ready to lance so we are now injecting Bella with Pen & Strep - the sachets of antibiotics on food are much less traumatic

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