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Im doing a 3 mile fun run on sunday....

Well probably more of a walk, after all im not built for running and I am doing it so my young nephews can beat me.
My Brother and his 2 children are doing it and I said last year I would join them so they signed me up and its next sunday.
We are all running for MacMillian nurses as they were fantastic when my mum needed them, and my best friend and now my aunt so I know they really put the work in so I think I should.
I have set up a Just giving page and if anyone would like to sponser me it would be fantastic, I will post up my time and im hoping that I am at least faster than my 2 nephews COMBINED time, one did a mile in just over 5 mins last week and my fastest for 3 miles so far is just under 40 mins  
The page is

Worthy cause mate! Well done.....................hope the missus has her massage oils at the ready for afterwards  

We'll sponsor you.
chicken feed

well done a worthy cause.

i have sponsored you (i hope i done it right)  

thanks to everyone who had donated, its a charity close to my heart so its nice to be able to do something for them.

Well its all set for tomorrow, I am over my Brothers today for one of the Nephews birthday lunch where we are going to load up on pasta and cake for the slow release energy I will almost certainly need tomorrow.
Im happy I can make it all the way round, just not very fast, but that doesnt really matter.
Still time to sponser me at
and wish me luck


Good luck! Enjoy!

Well i made it round, slowly, very slowly but i finished.
My plan was to try and beat the combined times of both my Nephews, the problem is my brother was the only one with a stopwatch and he did it in 22.46, not bad at all.
But my 10 and 8 year old nephews beat him  
I have to wait for the official times on the website but i think i was about 42 mins acording to the wife.
But i survived, finished and raised money for a good cause, i will post my times later tonight when i get them.

ok, results are in 3 mile fun run
Nephew 8yo, 35th, 21.11sec
Nephew 10yo, 52nd, 22.19sec
Older Brother 39yo, 59th 22.43sec
Me 37yo, 552nd, 43.32sec, i missed by 2 seconds lol

dear god those little sods are fast

Well done for a good cause

Pilsbury wrote:
dear god those little sods are fast

You do realise these 'Fun Runs' are actually just training exercises for muggers, don't you?    

Well done  

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