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If your ferret is under the weather

Try this "chicken soup" as a booster.

4 chicken drumsticks
2 egg yolks.
30g ferretvite (if no ferretvite use half a t-spoon of olive oil instead)
1 tablespoon of honey.

Put the drumsticks in a casserole dish cover with water and cook for an hour and a half. at 190*

Once cooled down put strip the meat off the bone and stick in a blender add 300ml- 400ml of the water that they were cooked in.

Add ferretvite,honey and egg yolks and blend again.

Stick it in a container and allow to cool.

It sets like campbells condensed soup.

All you need to do is use the required amount and add a little warm water to thin it out a little.

It freezes well too.

That's my Delia Smith bit done but the soup works well for ferrets that aren't 100% fit.

Far too good for the ferret. Useful post

Interesting Tayside..shall take note!! We usually bring them into the the house and give them a bit of warm milk if they aint to good so another remedy is always handy

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