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If Germany can do it, then why don't we?

Germany has pledged to have decomissioned all their nuclear power plants by 2022.
The UK on the other hand are going to build even more to replace our aging power plants.
I have a number of concerns, which I'm sure are shared by many. Firstly, if one of them goes tits up like the one in Japan, then our country will never ever be the same again.
Secondly, the one of affordable energy. How can nuclear power really be cost effective when we are still paying out hundreds of millions of pounds per year on plants that were decommisioned over twenty years ago?
If we spent the money thats earmarked for new power plants on alternative energy development, then we'd have sorted out our energy needs ages ago. IMO, the government is just playing at it.

At the end of the day, I simply don't believe the people who say that an accident like Chernobyl or Fukishima could never happen here. Good on the German people.
matt the rat

I've never understood why we don't have more Hydro plants in the UK.

We have a high rainfall, and lots of reservoirs, why, oh why aren't we making the most of them?

I think Germany produce lots of Hydro.

There is no doubt that we (as consumers) use too much power.  I've often thought about having one day each week 'off grid'.  I'm not sure if it would work, but it may reduce our consumption a little.

I saw a convoy of wind turbines heading towards Debbies area when I was last down there.  I've nothing personally against them, but I'm not sure how efficient they really are.  My parents have recently installed PV panels on their massive south facing roof and they certainly look the part.

If we ever get to build our new house we are planning to make it as energy efficient as possible.

nickcordery wrote:
But I personally find a landscape full of wind turbines extremely offensive too and surely nuclear is a RENEWABLE energy source?
But for Government subsidy wind farms would never be built but I do agree that energy sources need to be found, we are currently importing energy as well from Europe, much produced in nuclear plants.
Energy usage needs to be curtailed but joe public is happier it seems in just paying through the nose rather than forgo their comforts!

Wind turbines certainly aren't the be all and end all. There's got to be other alternatives that need looking at and some proper money spending on. On the other hand, a land covered in wind turbines has got to be a better alternative than a nuclear waste land.

You live on an island, put all the vind turbines out at sea, that way they will not blot the landscape or offend anyone.


I'd love to see the UK make a similarly bold move.

Unfortuntely, I think that its going to take a massive disaster much closer to our own door before we see a U turn.

Again as you are surrounded by water what about wave energy.

Have a read of the following Bodger makes interesting reading.

Here most of ours is hydro but we have a lot of wind farms going in, the one near Ashurst is well visited and looks great as you drive towards it along the state highway and through the gorge through those hills. We were going to put a windmill for power on here but over a year there is not enough wind    Our governments will never look at nuclear power as we have earth quakes, there is some trials on wave generation I think.

we seem to be going the other way - they have cancelled the tidal power in the bristol chanel and even the small one we had here off the coast of Lynmouth which makes absolutely no sense what so ever yet they are building one of the biggest wind farms (the turbines you would have seen Matt) in one of the countries top beauty spots with huge contraversy.  why are we not taking advantage of our hydro power?  it is certainly our intension to take advantage with a small turbine in our river at some point - at certain times it is a small river but still fast running and at others a raging torrent.  They are looking into these schemes on three other river near us

Travelling down to see Debbie and Simon last week, we travelled through the beautiful county of Montgomeryshire. There are plans going forward to build hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines and thousands of ugly pylons to carry the power to where its needed. Quite rightly the desecration of this area is being fought and there were lots of posters and placards objecting to the scheme. Surely its only common sense to create power as close as possible to where its required.

you would think so wouldn't you, but apparently not.

On the subject of pylons, the ones that are on our land are coming down and the cables run underground........result

People didn't want the Severn barrier, they don't want pylons in their back garden or wind farms spoiling their view but nobody is turning their computer or telly off. None of these things however unsightly represent a danger to people like nuclear does. I'm in favour of pouring research into alternative technology but people[me included] are using energy now .I'd rather my grandkids were next to the ugliest pylon/windfarm/habitat affecting barrier or even like I did growing up next to a coking plant to fuel a power station than grew up next to the potential disaster waiting to happen of a nuclear power station.

Here we have a big wind farm going in over the hill from "Wellywood"Our capital city. (Wellington on maps   ) one at ashurst is next another city so guess this is a bit of smart thinking But here is the same as you say "Don't dam our river, Don't put pylons/wind  farm near here Don't burncoal/natural gas" but give us all the power we want  

Its easy to state the obvious, especially after its already happened.

Now if they'd come up with this advice prior to the tsunami and managed to get something done, then that would have been a 'cool trick'

I agree with you. Always remember "hind sight is 20/20 vision"

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