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I reckon that how we have our set up is pretty idyllic. We've worked hard to get things how they are and we think that we have  pretty much got things how we want it.
Everyday we  have the pleasure of walking through the orchards to feed our beautiful free range pigs, we know them all by name but you never know what might be around the corner. The barstewards !
chicken feed

As some of you may remember almost two years ago a lovely couple that purchased two of our show pigs were targeted by something similar they had six pedigree breeding pigs slaughtered and removed from site to be butchered leaving them with blood and guts. On the same site there were sixteen fatteners that they left unharmed. The couple have never replaced the pigs as they can't face the chance of a repeat. They have been left distraught.

And you are thinking of selling up and moving!

olde9856 wrote:
And you are thinking of selling up and moving!
Thats was just what i thought

It can and does happen anywhere.

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