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Identification needed

My OH was given this plant, but either the giver or OH know the name of it.

Does anyone know the name of this plant?



It's the Sweetheart Hoya Plant  

I recognised it as a Hoya but have never seen one with leaves like it..does it have the same sweet smelling flowers?

Not seen one of those before, like it though  

Thanks for naming it agapanthus  

Thanks for naming it agapanthus.  

I knew with enormous knowledge pool OTG has, someone would know.

Sandrar.......I don't know if it has sweet smelling flowers, as OH only recieved it 2-3 months ago. I do know that it has grown from being one leaf to that it is today, alittle over 3 foot high. It stands in a window still facing south.

OH is doing a quick google to see what its care needs are.

Looking forward to see it flowering.

Thanks again.

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