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Ideas needed

Courgette recipes for next year and plum ones for this. Can't even give plums away as everyone has a glut.

the base tomato sauce I use in work will make a dent in your glut.
250g diced onions
1kg grated carrot
1kg grated courgette
1kg chopped tomato (tinned or fresh)
50g garlic

Sweat off the onion and add the garlic
add the grated veg and tomatoes and simmer gently, there should be enough moisture in the veg and tinned tomato to stop it all burning on the bottom of the pan but you can add a cup of water.
Simmer until everything is tender and soft and blend with a hand blender.
This is used for pizza topping,  pasta sauce,  curry base,  flavoring stews and almost anything else I can to get vegetables hidden for the kids.
You can add herbs, spices or other flavours while cooking but if you make and freeze as plain tomato base it can be modified whenyou defrost it eeasy enough

That one is listed in the stash Pilsbury as a very good idea and simple. Thanks.

When I make carrot cake I add in the same amount of grated courgette as well and it is never noticed, same as it can be added Ingo muffins to help keep them moist and as it tastes of nothing really then there is no Needcto alter the rest of the recipe
Rare one

I enjoy this chutney recipe for plums makes about 1.4kg / 3lb.2oz

1kg (2lb 4oz) plums halved and stoned
400gms(12oz) bramley apples
250gms (9oz) onions chopped
150grms (5oz) raisins
250grms (9oz) muscovado sugar
500ml (18floz) red wine vinegar
1cinnamon stick
1 hpd tsp ground ginger
1tsp ground allspice
2tsp salt.

place all ingredients in a pan bring slowly to boil to dissolve sugar. turn down to a simmer and cook till reduced and thickened, stir frequently to avoid sticking . pour into sterile jars and leave to mature for at least a month. great with cold meats and cheese.

Another good one thank you.

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