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Ideas for suitable competitions please.

We could do with members having a think about some suitable ideas for competitions that we could hold here on OTG. These could be for the whole forum or a particular section.

I'm hoping to get some suitable prizes free from various companies. I love freebys. :-)  Please see what you can come up with, otherwise we may end up with a situation where we have prizes without suitable competitions. PM us with your ideas if you like.

Most innovative use of a dead Fox.
Best Country Story in less than 200 words.
"Our Garden", photo competition.

Naked thistle wrestling...

I'll get my coat

Thanks boys. I knew I could depend on you  :smt046

I wuz bing seerearse.
Still,praps Snoz woz 2

Best tall story - you might need to set the subject here - but it could be the sort of biggest dandelion, greatest marrow type of tale in no more than say 500 words (or this could go on for ever)

Best shaggy dog story for the dog owners in particular again with a limit on the number of words.

The gaggee in the corner - 250 words on an odd character from your local pub.

The daftest excuse for taking up whatever hobby you follow on this forum in say 250 words max e.g. why the heck you have an allotment.

general knowledge quiz held over a month.keep score  highest scorer wins.

The gaggee in the corner - 250 words on an odd character from your local pub

There's this miserable Old Git who's always moaning and alone at the end of the bar.............
Just ask the others.
Can't be asred with all that carp, got better things to do anyway. :angry4:

How about what made you laugh today and have a vote of the funniest story?

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