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Ideas and doodles for a sweat shirt motif please.

If you go to any food festivals or country shows, you'll quite often see exhibitors wearing smart looking sweat shirts, or if our summers ever get warm enough, T shirts. I'm hoping that some of you might be able to come up with a suitable design for our budding cider company? You know the sort of thing I mean, a little badge like thing above the right t*t.

I think most of you will know this, but we've decided to call our business 'Morfa Nefyn Orchard' and the first brew of cider to go on sale is going to be called 'Over the Gate'
I've been doodling away trying to come up with something for a day or two now but haven't really come up with anything suitable. To be honest, we can't even decide on what colour sweat shirts to go for. Should we look at smart looking dark green or something a little brighter? Help !

Dark green looks smart, but what about apple green ?

Do you ave a logo or image you will be using your bottles? If you do I would stick to that.
It's all about the brand I thinkso I am having cards, postcards, banners and loyalty cards made using our logo now and it seems to be working as people are recognising the stall from a distance and coming over.
What about the sign writing on the van. Would that be suitable?

I agree with sticking to the same logo for everything - having different things on different bits of your business can be confusing.

If you'd like to send me a picture of your trees, I'll have a go! Send me a pm and I'll let you have an email address.

I agree with everyone else - the logo will be your brand and needs to be the same all the way through. It will help with costs too if all printing and stuff has the same images etc.

The colour of your winter woollies will have a bearing on the colour of your logo. Dark green sweatshirt might not take the image of a tree in leaf etc. Obviously the more intricate the design the more it costs for reproducing too.

Quickly knocked this up (never did the tree, found the image on the net), so that you see things that you dont like, ie font, colour and size. Do you want the text top or bottom, straight or curved. Save the image then you can change the white background for colours that you like for the clothing and see what works or doesnt etc. The more you fiddle and discount the better.

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