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Ideal flowers for bees

Sorry if i am preaching to the converted or teaching me grannie to suck eggs but.....

My OH spent the day yesterday at the local bee keeping meeting. (He is currently attending the local bee keeping course so we don't have bees as yet and are complete newbies).

High on the agenda for the day was the fact that there is often not enough pollen about to feed our bees which in turn can make them stressed.

He came away with a packet of seeds donated by the Co-operative which include cornflower, field poppy, clover, birdsfoot, trefoil, knapweed, corncockle, red campion, lucerne, daisy and evening primrose.

All of these will flower in july, august and september. Ironically the chief bee'er at the meeting said that quite often there is a shortage of pollen in July and August.

Yesterday presentation was given via powerpoint and they have said that they will email a copy to my OH.

We haven't managed to watch the bees and blossom series as yet but I know that some of you have so thought that this might be of interest and if anyone wants a copy of the presentation when it arrives I will happily forward it on.

There is a thread on plnting flowers for bees on here somewhere  

as we have been planting flowers for winter here.

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