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ID help please

Saw this plant on the side of the lane today- two different patches- never seen it before around here- I wonder if it fell from somes ones trailer of garden rubbish?

Can some one id it please?

If the flowers are scented it looks like Choisya - Mexican orange blossom.

Its really small- about 2-3 inches high at the most

I would say Choisya aswell, it will grow bigger than a few inches though.

I think its woodruff. A sort of herb. Love Lizzie

Clever you Lizzie- thats it- many thanks


I kept thinking that it was a something key

Then Lizzie said it was Woodruff  ....... a woodruff key is used to hold a pulley or gear in position on a shaft.  

The mind can work in funny ways Gareth

I have never seen the plant before- is it native?

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