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Ice Cream Parlour

Having just come back in from the poly tunnel I suddenly thought "I need an ice cream" and suddenly I remembered being back in Germany quite a few years ago now and popping down to the ice cream parlour of a late afternoon after finishing work and devouring a rather large creamy cold thing that normally should have come with 2 spoons......

Why dont we have ice cream parlours - I miss them!

I remember the same type of ice cream parlour when we went to Upstate New York.

ice cream

I remember Mark Toni's ice cream parlour in Newcastle
If I had been a good girl when visiting my grand parents my mum would take me in for an ice cream on the way home . This must have been in the late 1940's
There is still Mark Toni'S ice cream available in Newcastle

The nearest we've got round here is Cadwalader's. Mmmmmmmmmmmm
....although now it's grown it's not as good as the original recipe from the little place in Criccieth.
There's a nice ice cream parlour in Beaumaris... Oh stoppit!! my mouth's watering!

and Bedgelert  but the nicest place has got to be Snugbury's, which is just our side of Nantwich in Cheshire.
One for the Pot

I'm too young to remember those kind of parlors...sounds romantic though.

These days it's Kebab & Chips and a spliff for pudding...

maine moose

ice cream

Back home we use to have Robinsons ices a very small firm in Leyland that came round the surounding villages in there red and white vans.Ringing the old hand bell just like at school but much more looked forwared to lol. Last time was home the kids got so excited at seeing one of there ice cream van.They dont see icecream vans anywhere near us in rural Ireland  

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