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I.D required

Early this morning, spotted a bird in the trees outside the kitchen window.

Here goes hope someone can identify it for me.
Slightly smaller than a dove, very similar in shape.
Distinctive blue band on the wings, feathering off to black and possibly white tips or the other way round.
Overall colour bluish grey to beige, chest beige, tail what I could see quite fan tailed, black/white. Seemed to enjoy pecking away at the green mould on the branches.

I know this maybe a little vague, and it was about 5.30 this morning,I was making my first coffee of the day. But I've never seen a bird like it before.
Tried googling...but nowt....

The Blue was so distinct on the wings as was the whole bird...hope you can help...

Was it a Jay?

Could well have been Mrs WW.....I've got to be honest I'm pretty ignorant as far as birds go, yes all the usual ones......I know most of them....Will google and find out for sure...thanks for replying....
Rare one

Those were my thoughts to Mrs WW

Thanks were spot on  beautiful bird....

Woohoo, glad I knew that one.  They're beautiful looking birds but in my experience they can be noisy buggers!

Seem to remember as a kid there were plenty of jays around but now they don't seem very common. Have their numbers declined massively?

I have about 20 blue Jays on my feeders at the mo, they are beautiful, but aggressive and very vocal. I put up with them as they are so lovely to look at....and they prefer the black sunflower feeders, so do not squabble to much with the smaller birds.

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