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I was planning ...

to give up the allotment at the end of the season. Well so I said last year this time.

I thought it would be a good time to have spare time to do other things. Mind you I have just costed approximately what it would look like if I had to buy all my own fruit and veg! That's even with having taken on a second plot that was deserted and destitute and not at all productive. More than I spend on the two it would seem.

Back to the drawing board then. Trouble is that age is catching up with me.

Is there not someway that you could put the feelers out for a young mum who would be interested in learning ? Someone who'd help put in the work with a view to taking on her own plot in due course ? Someone that you'd be happy to mentor so to speak ?
I know that there are young mums round here who are interested but don't really know where to start or how to get involved, but don't mind a bit of hard work and would really appreciate the 'home grown'.

Isn't getting older a delight ?   finally comfortable in ourselves, know our own mind, and the body starts to want to retire  


Unfortunately we have allotment rules that sort of ban sharing. Grandson has helped on renovating the new plot when his holiday job has allowed and would have loved to learn next year (well family doesn't count as sharing).

But he's lost the prospect of a local job so may be anywhere when he finishes university next summer as the firm has been told not to recruit. So he is going to have to look for a job anywhere. He has lodgings in Glasgow where he's studying so that's an option. Of course he'll look local so that he can live at home but who knows in these times. His parents work full time and his father is totally disinterested except for picking (also suffers severe hay fever) anyway.

We shall just have to see.

Can you just go back to having the one plot and just grow what you really enjoy/want?

kaz I was looking to retire from allotment holding completely but it would affect making the ends meet more than I thought. At least - it would seriously affect the quality of the life between the two ends.

I've a drawer full of seeds which will fill more than one plot looking at things so may as well use them up. As to the second plot, the really hard graft is 80% complete and it's just a case of soil improvement. Which is lighter work as far as light work goes.

You don't realise just how much growing your own adds to the quality of what you eat.

Really have to agree with your last statment, we notice that big time when we ever eat out nothing tastes the same or as good flavour wise. Meat is the worst so always have fish    

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