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I've sold another picture

Well the same on as i sold befoer really, on another forum I was introduced to  Photalia, a website you can join and upload photos onto and people can browse through there and buy them, copyright free but as a person that only takes pics for fun its fantastic to know they are good enough to be bought and used by people.
When I can dig it out I will post a link to it  as its been about a year since I have been there
well I cant link to the site so this is my pic that has sold 3 time so far earning me £2.53

and here is a link to the site if anyone wants to join up and earn some money

Well done! and fantastic piccie!

That's a great picture

To earn money from something you enjoy is great too  

Well done Pilsbury :q37:
Auntie Jean

Great picture. But where did you take it.

in a place called eagle park ( los aquiles ) in tenirife, its through Glass but i managed to get it in such a way that the glass, barrier and un natural parts of the cage were invisable, I will see if I have a worst pic so you can see.

I looked at that site, do you ever get any spam or anything from it?  And have you tried the free version?

ok in this one you can see the glass

and this one show the wall in the bottom left corner and looks like a cage

with a bit of patients and luck you can get a good shot no matter where.

Viva wrote:
I looked at that site, do you ever get any spam or anything from it?  And have you tried the free version?

never had spam and You dont have to pay to join and upload pics for sale, I have never sent them a penny and they just tell me when one sells.
I have just looked back through my pics from last year at eagle park and there really are some good ones if I say myself. I love animal pics and I will have a go at posting a few more if you like.
Like this one

Molly's Mum

Pilsbury, well done on your sale. I have been selling through Fotolia for a few years now and doing pretty well from it as a side-earner. Today I was lucky to sell an extended licence earning me $51, it made my day

Fabulous pictures Pilsbury!  Well done!  

Well done - it really is a great pic

Pilsbury do you have an online portfolio for your photography?

Great photos thank you

I merely ask about the online portfolio because it can be a fantastic tool, especially for someone who wants to sell their work. I'm a freelance journalist, so I have a wordpress site that works as my online portfolio to promote all of my latest work. It helps when applying for work to be able to just give someone a link instead of an old fashioned hardcopy portfolio.

As for you though, using a personal website builder like 1&1, which I'm using for personal website that I'm building for my mother, may make more sense. It functions less like a blog and more like a website, with the ability to include order and payment sections. Although my mom isn't really focused on selling her work, I want it to be an option anyway...just in case I can eventually talk her into it.

Anyway, you should look into it. Your photography is beautiful and if it was easily accessible you could definitely get paid more for your work and be contacted for freelance gigs too. It's worth looking into.


Sorry missed this first time round.
I have never considered it to be honest,  these were just holiday snaps I took and thst I liked so much I uploaded to the site.
I haven't really taken any forvthe last 4 years cos I have been juggling a baby andctoddler but i think I might dig out the old camera to take with me age I thus year
thanks forvthe feedback though and reimiding me I need to get these pics made into 12x12 canvas prints.

No problem. Wow, a baby and a toddler. That's definitely busy! Enjoy it though. They grow way too fast. I feel like my oldest neice was born just yesterday....but she's already 5. I'm not sure how that happened.

Sorry it's just the one,  firs he was a baby and now a toddler,  I'm not mad enough to have 2 to wrestle.
Now he is 4 I will dig out the big camera again.

Here we are last month lol.

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