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I've just been in heaven for an hour.

I've just been transported to sheer heaven for an hour.

I've been watching my new DVD called 'The Crown of the Year' Filmed in black and white during the 'Second World War', it consists of four short information films taking you to various farms throughout the UK during the  four seasons of the year. When I say 'mine' I don't mean that I had anything to do with the making of it of course.
It looks at farm life and the the then new practices designed to provide food for our then under siege country. It was an absolutely fantastic watch and I only wish that I could sit you all down and get you to watch it with me.
Because all the cattle in the footage were horned, my 21 year old son asked if they were bulls. I had to explain that just a few short years ago, nearly all cows were left with their horns.

If you want a good prezzi this Christmas for yourself, then look no further. I'll watch this one again and again.

That sounds a great one   we can still learn a lot from the likes of that

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