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I've decided to show footprints...

Hiya all!

Here below is a link to an "on the side" passion of mine.
Myself & Richard have taken allot of photos this is my personal statement on "you tube" regard degradation on our native and beautful land here in the British Isles.
Please leave any feedback to your thoughts bearing in mind this is an ongoing project and will no doubt be added to please give us your views!

We need to see the foot prints on our countryside to eradicate futher missuse  of the  beautiful lands.
This is my opinion and mine only.

green man

Tell me you recycled/removed or made safe all that you photographed and I will be seriously impressed.

Valid point we try to remove smaller items, but most people can just about carry themselves up the path from rhossilli beach let alone a car engine or rear axle   we did recover 2 plastic bread crate thingees about 400 yards of monofilament line and a shed load of that blue plastic crap but by the time i got to the second gate i sounded like ivor the bleedin engine no joke i,m asthmatic :biglol: worth it though coz along with the fishing line i got 5 grab weights 8 swivels a pirk type lure and an excellent spinner my tackle box benefits every trip recycling at it most fruitful fishing.gif

all the best "richie"

It drives me mad too!  Why can't people at least get all their rubbish into to designated large hole that is landfill?  That isn't hard-I know recycling takes a bit more effort.  Cycling with DD2 on the back from nursery yesterday, a rural journey of 4 miles, I counted 42 plastic drinks bottles on the verges and that was just when I'd registered how many there were so missed a few at the beginning. FFS-can't they keep them in their cars for a few miles??  
green man

Then I am seriously impressed it sounds like you did your very best.  

WOW!!!   Very impressed ' keep it up and going,
I raise my glass to you's

Spent our honeymoon period down on the Gower
some 20 plus years ago.
Loads of great memories, like  passing out
in an ole red telephone box,
still got the scareon me Snozzel Duranti.

Sun Stroke ...honest        

I am always "amazed" at how people will travel out into the countryside to dump their rubbish in a hedgeback or dyke but wouldn't dream of driving to the tip.  They have a total lack of respect for this beautiful country    

Most of it is builders waste we need councils to remove the charge on vans entering the council tips (once again our lifes are effected by the inane greed and senseless "taxes"  of higher authoritie)

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